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*Mini Lesson in dependent: :destroy Included

For my third project at Flatiron as a Software Engineering Student, I built a Ruby on Rails web-application. Prior to this project I had created a Ruby command-line API and used the Sinatra framework to build a basic web-application. The Rails web app would be much more complex than the Sinatra app, but the first two projects were valuable stepping stones in setting me up for success. For anyone learning to code, I can share a few pieces of advice and takeaways from this particular project:

Sinatra Content Management System App is quite a mouthful and a bit confusing if you are not in tech, so let’s just say… “hey, I made a website!” With a great deal of preparation (labs, reading, study groups, etc.), plenty of time planning, and a ton of troubleshooting, I was able to successfully complete my second project for my software engineering course at Flatiron. There are many pieces of the project or parts of the project I could focus on, but what I really want to share today are the steps to success for one key aspect of my app.

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I am sitting in my kitchen with my laptop. I need a change of scenery from my home-office, where I have spent enumerable hours finishing my first project as a software engineering student. After six weeks of learning Ruby, I built my first Ruby Gem, a Command Line Interface (CLI) that accesses an external data source and uses Object Oriented Ruby. Learning to code and creating my first project has been a journey. I know I have further to travel, but moving past completing abstract labs and successfully building my very own app, made me feel like I was on…

I have been pondering the question, “Why did I decide to learn software engineering?” not just for the sole purpose of writing this blog post, but for myself and for the people in my life who are asking about my surprising direction change. For me, defining my motivation and my goals will help keep me on track, focused, and inspired as I learn a whole new language. And for the people in my life who are curious about this new trajectory, this is my story. …


Software engineering student at Flatiron School, mother, and former therapist. I am a runner, reader, chai tea drinker, nature lover, and information nerd.

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